Others at the Viper Room Review

Others at the Viper Room

 Others played a show at the Viper Room with Night Demon, Art of Shock and Tormenter. The reviews are in This is what The Razor has to say about Others most recent performance;
“Others was first to take the stage, but they were hardly opener material.  I’ve seen this band rock-and-riff on stage three times, and this was by far their tightest performance yet.  The sounds of heavy blues rock punched the air with a full filling crisp pulse, and each member seemed to be living each note as it was played.  Classics like “Keep Me On” and “Meds” were trumped by brand new songs like “Distant As Usual” that were clear signs of the band’s triumphant growth.  The band’s charisma is palpable, and it projects astoundingly under their new light show courtesy of Andrew from Metal Assault.  While we are still talking about the band’s charisma, here’s a fair warning: when they play “I Get So High, I Get So Low” and you hear a crash to the floor as Joe misses hitting his head on the monitors by mere inches after a slow tempo pickup, do not panic.  He just throws himself everywhere like a Jim Morrison rag doll, so I find myself having to turn to the soothing sounds of Jessie Sanchez’s bass to keep myself from calling paramedics.”
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