It's about an energy more than anything, and

OTHERS identify with the idea that if you’re unafraid, and believe in what you know to be true, then you too are an OTHER…

OTHERS - 2016

Londoner Joe Colover came to LA in 2013 hoping to form a band that shared his vision of wild, unadulterated rock and roll.  Keen to find like-minded musicians, Joe soon found himself watching Metallica tribute band Cliff ‘Em All at the Viper Room, where guitarist John Hatfield instantly grabbed his attention with his phenomenal guitar technique and stage presence.  Call it coincidence, but in the following months they ran into each other on several occasions in bars and the streets around LA.  Joe hesitated initially to approach him because of John’s greater experience – what would he think of this kid from across the pond?  Around this time Joe also linked up with Motörhead manager Todd Singerman, after meeting at the Rainbow Bar and Grill.

Despite some initial false starts while Joe met with other guitarists, John got in contact with him again during one of Joe’s trips back to London, and it was decided that they’d meet up once he was back in LA.  When he and John finally jammed together something clicked, and they knew they were on the same page with what they wanted in a new band.   Both had no place for gimmicks, but wanted to create something based on raw energy, honesty and feeling.   It was about building on the original rock and roll which Joe and John both felt had gotten lost.  As Joe says, “It’s all about bringing the poetry and soul of blues, the aggression of punk and the rebellion of rock and roll together in a way that’s fresh and relevant today.”

Shortly after, bassist Jessie Sanchez came onboard, bringing bone-chilling technical ability and power to the band.  While looking for a drummer to complete the line up, the three got busy contributing ideas and writing.  Finally, the spiritual-yet-demonic Pat Martin (who’d previously performed with John) heard and liked the material, initially agreeing to help out the trio.  They soon realized it was a perfect, permanent, mix, and OTHERS was born.

The four played their first gig at the famous Whisky-A-Go-Go on October 13th 2014, followed by regular appearances at venues in and around LA including The Rainbow and Viper Room, where the fledgling band paid their dues. In the summer of 2015 OTHERS were honored to be invited by Wendy Dio to play at the Ride for Ronnie Cancer Fund event, in memory of Ronnie James Dio. Their first overseas gig followed shortly after, with the band performing a lively set at Expo Rock Tijuana, Mexico. Things continued to gain momentum when OTHERS were booked to play Motörhead’s Motörboat in September of that year, joining a line-up which included Anthrax, Slayer and of course the mighty Motörhead.

Equally momentous for OTHERS was an invitation to open Lemmy’s 70th birthday celebration, at the Whisky-A-Go-Go in December 2015, while December also saw OTHERS going into the recording studio with renowned producer Cameron Webb. Mixing is currently underway, with the band’s first EP scheduled for release in early 2016 on Motörhead Music, the label founded in 2014 by the legendary British band to identify (and support) exciting young rock’n’roll bands (Lemmy’s son Paul Inder Kilmister produced the demos).

It’s about an energy more than anything, a feeling of otherness and being unafraid to stand outside the norm.,” says Joe of the new material. It’s about expressing yourself honestly, cutting through the bullshit and getting right back to raw feelings. Emotions can be pretty scary things, but I’m expressing them all through this music so there can be no holding back.”

You’ll hear (and feel) it for yourself soon enough, because OTHERS don’t have a filter. We promise you… rock’n’roll ain’t dead.

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